ESP Consult Electrofilter Services

is a renowned consulting and engineering company specialised in the field of industrial flue gas treatment with the use of the electrostatic filtration (electrostatic precipitation) method. The company was formed in 1989.

ESP Consult Electrofilter Services offers specific technical knowledge, know-how developed over many years of practice, and high-quality experience in the area of electrostatic precipitation filter installations in a number of countries (since 1978).

Operational independence of electrostatic precipitation filter manufacturers and providers or their business interests and policies is an assurance for the Client in terms of objective technical and advisory support in resolving and eliminating electrostatic precipitation filter-related issues.

This is why ESP Consult Electrofilter Services frequently operate as a direct advisor to the Client in the field of electrostatic precipitation filter purchase and modernisation, and as an expert in related technological matters. Preventive measures ensure long-term and correct electrostatic precipitation filter operation.

ESP Consult Electrofilter Services offers the following:


  • Full-range power, mechanical, and technological services in the field of dust extraction installation at industrial facilitiess.

  • Guaranteed proper quality services for electrostatic precipitation filters of all brands listed: ELWO Polska, Flakt, ABB Flakt, ALSTOM, Lurgi/SMS Miljø, FLS Miljø, ELEX, Research Cottrell, ECA, ROTHEMULLE, Walther, REDECAM, Wagner, DRESSER, BOLIDEN, Peabody Sturtevant, Joy Western, HITACHI, DUCON, Merrick, Environmental Elements, Belco, Buell, BHA, General Electric, as well as many other manufacturers/ providers.


ESP Consult Elektrofilter Services issues warranties for all services provided, with detailed technical reports for all actions taken.
International Society for Electrostatic Precipitation member

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